What’s in my bag?

I am a person who needs her bag when she leaves for the day. I’m a city girl at heart, and I think that’s part of it. I want to have the essentials with me when I head out, just in case. Conferences totally fall into that category. As I’m attending the Public Library Association conference, I’ve got my “conference bag” ready to go.

  1. Messenger bag. I am a diehard messenger bag fan. I like the look of them, and I like that I can sling the bag on my back, or keep it on my hip or close to the front of me for not only ease of access to phone/wallet/water bottle, but also to keep an eye on it.
  2. Smartphone. I take all my conference notes in Evernote in my phone. I find it the best portable and organized way for me to gather thoughts and file any slides the presenters upload/send out or photos I take. It also keeps my bag from being too bulky or heavy.
  3. Charger and —
  4. External battery. Using my cell phone so much during the day, I don’t know when my battery will give out or if I’ll have access to an outlet. I cover my bases.
  5. Snacks. This is the minimum – gum and hard candy. I frequently pack an apple and/or granola bar to keep my energy up. Meal times can vary, and I may not know what will be available, so having a few things to munch on really help take the edge off.
  6. Lip balm. Dry lips bother the heck out of me. If I don’t have my bag, it’s in my pocket.
  7. Water bottle. I learned at a young age that I get dehydrated fairly easily if I’m not careful. So part of that is keeping a water bottle with me all the time. It’s a little big, but that helps me not stress about not having enough water when I need it.

So these are my conference/convention essentials! What do you find you need when you go?


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