Anxiety Re-watch

It’s been about a year that we’ve been in our pandemic state, and over the holidays and into January I was noticing more and more people on social media saying that their therapist had told them that more of their patients were hitting a brick wall when it came to them being able to remotely handle the situation. I’m feeling the fatigue big time.

I have been extremely lucky that I have been consistently employed this whole time, even changed jobs. But that also means I haven’t had a vacation – a good number of days off outside a long holiday weekend – in a year. Taking time off is complicated right now, but my husband and I are plotting when I can take some deserved time off and just… not do anything. In the meantime, I know more than the previously normal amount of free time I have is being spent watching shows.

My husband Eric and I have been consistently watching shows together since we started dating long distance. He’d call me, we’d queue up a show on Netflix or HBO, and hit play at the same time and make comments on Snapchat together. We’ve watched Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, What We Do in the Shadows, Sharp Objects… just to name a few. Now that we’re under the same roof we jump around with new shows and can get through them faster than when we had to find time to queue up from our separate states. We might be watching more TV than we’d like, but there’s a pandemic on and it was a high of -3° the other day, so I’m not going to worry about it.

But when it’s just me needing to put something on, I am putting on a show I’ve seen many times over. It’s still entertaining and I don’t need to think too hard to follow it. I know the characters, I’m familiar with the plot, I can just enjoy that familiarity. When it was pointed out to me that people with anxiety tend to rewatch old shows, I felt that. I don’t have debilitating anxiety, but I have a sufficient amount to know it’s there. And sometimes I just need one of my shows to help me relax.

The Office for sure. We were all upset that it left Netflix, and I have no intention of subscribing to Peacock. But I do have most of the seasons on DVD, and Vudu had a bundle sale so now I can still access the full run of the show from a mobile device when I really need something to help me fall asleep. I had been watching along with The Office Ladies podcast but gave up on that awhile ago. Now I rewatch the episodes I want when I feel like it.

Midsomer Murders. I enjoy a good procedural, and this one has been a consistent favorite for years. It’s also off Netflix, moved to Acorn (something I may at some point subscribe to but am not currently), but it does currently have a channel on Pluto TV. And since I’ve watched the first 13 seasons of the show over and over again (before the original Chief Inspector Barnaby was replaced), I am usually pretty happy with whatever episode happens to be on. I may or may not remember who the murderer is, or all the details, but I’m familiar enough with it that it’s excellent background noise for me.

Murder, She Wrote. This has only become a favorite in the last few years. I really didn’t care for the show for awhile, and then one weekend I started binge watching it (again, back when it was on Netflix) and had a ball with the coziness of it. I think the arc of the show went way off the rails in the later seasons, but for the majority of the show it’s just silly and fun. And it has the added bonus of featuring numerous TV stars of the 70s and 80s that I know from other projects, as well as Old Hollywood stars from the 40s I can spot.

I did binge watch Bridgerton, though. And almost immediately started another rewatch with it I enjoyed it so much. So I am getting some new shows in, at least! What have your comfort TV shows been during this time?


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